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3D iPhone 11 Cover (Glossy, 6.1")



Item Name: 3D iPhone 11 Cover (Glossy, 6.1")
Item No.: IP11D01G
Weight: 9kg
Packing: 400pcs/ctn
Dimension: 410*295*310mm


The 3D iPhone 11 cover can better protect your phone from being stained by dirt and broken while dropping to the ground. And the materials are thin, lightweight and smooth, which will add no extra bulk to your phone and offer you comfortable touch.
Unlike a 2D phone cover, the 3D phone cover can be sublimated directly on its surface with the help of the sublimation tool. With the personalized image on it, your iPhone 11 will be unique in the world.


Product Info
Material: PBT
Heating Tool: TIP1161


Printing Instructions:
By 3D Vacuum Press
1. Print on the sublimation paper, mirror image, and put the sublimation tool in the phone cover;
2. Tear off the protection film before printing;
3. For paper folding and wrapping, the paper shall be folded and wrapped tight on the angles of covers with right angles (as for iPhone covers); the paper shall be cut and folded alone the diagonal for covers without right angles;
4. Turn on the machine;
5. Make sure the paper wraps the cover tight when vacuuming;
6. Manipulate the printing fast to reduce heat loss;
7. Put it into the cold water.
8. Printing parameters: 145℃, 3 mins


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